About James

James Stevenson is a Security Researcher and Software Engineer, with a history of security operations. James currently works for a large UK telecom as an Android Security Engineer as well as speaking at security events across the UK.

While speaking at events in the UK James has given talks on an array of areas, including: Using Natural Language Processing To Predict Crime, The First Steps For Getting a Job in Infosec, and a talk at TEDx USW. James also runs workshops in areas from Cyber Wargames and Incident Response to supporting school teachers with Barefoot Computing. James has also developed Computer Security and Software Engineering training schemes for both small and large teams.

James’ most recent research looks into how Predictive Policing Approaches and Natural Language Processing can be used to predict crime. In doing this James created an open source proof of concept tool called Hunch that uses AWS Comprehend and social media APIs to build crime indicators and signals.

James is an avid writer, enjoying portraying stories in the work he writes. Recently James has been writing security articles for InfoSecurity Magazine as well as writing mental health awareness articles on Medium.

James is also a trained Physical and Mental Health First aider and has run workshops at workplaces, conferences, and with Mental Health Hackers on both Mental Health Awareness and building a Mental Health First Aid Toolkit.

If you would like to contact James about a speaking, training, or consulting opportunity then please reach out via LinkedIn or Twitter.