Android Software Internals Quick Reference

A Field Manual and Security Reference Guide to Java-based Android Components

  • Discover the differences between and how to access application names, package names, IDs, and unique identifiers in Android
  • Quickly reference common techniques such as storage, the activity lifecycle, and permissions
  • Debug using the Android shell
  • Work with Android’s obfuscation and encryption capabilities
  • Extract and decompile Android applications
  • Carry out Android reflection and dex class loading

RRP: £24.99


Mobile Offensive Security Pocket Guide

A Quick Reference Guide For Android And iOS

  • Fundamentals of reverse engineering as applied to mobile devices
  • Common security issues present in mobile applications
  • Dynamic instrumentation tool-sets like Frida
  • Mobile operating system internals
  • Fundamentals of modern baseband implementations

RRP: £19.99


For those who are still using Java for Android development, this book is a great resource! It provides concise summary of information needed IRL for Android developers. This book paid for itself the second day I owned it. Respect and gratitude to the author for putting this together, I’m not aware of any other reference that is so concise and helpful.

Warren W. Dixon

In my case, a good reference to start my first line of business Android App.

Sergio Norzagaray