AndroiD and iOS Cheat Sheets and Study Guides

A tailored collection of my most popular Android and iOS reverse engineering cheat sheets.

  • Reverse engineering fundamentals
  • Android obfuscation
  • Android IPC
  • Java reflection
  • iOS and Android internals and security fundamentals

RRP: Free – £8.99


Using Frida To Modify Android Games

Udemy Course Taster Video!

  • Introduction and information on the full Udemy course
  • Tooling setup
  • Fundamentals of Frida
  • Frida scripts
  • Altering the running of an Android game written in Godot

RRP: Free


Android Malware

A Guide To Getting Started Reverse Engineering

Putting this book together was a personal test of my own, where I wanted to see what I could do within a 12 hour window. The book sits at around 20-25 pages of actual content, and serves as a cheat sheet, reference guide, and introduction to reverse engineering when it comes to Android malware analysis. This includes:

  • The fundamentals of Android application architecture
  • What defines malware on Android
  • Tools used for reverse engineering and malware analysis
  • Case studies, examples, and challenges

RRP: £4.99


Very great tutorial, so many details. hope you can create more tutorials in the future, and Android game hacking with Frida is a very popular topic around the world. You can introduce more about how to hacking Unity games or Cocos2d games, Godot engine is not very popular than Unity3D. Thank you.

Retro Game.

I was forwarded this course by someone who I work with. I already work in the field so already knew quite a lot that the course covered, however, it was nice to see a different spin to the course and the instructor taught it very well.

Ana S.